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Towing & Recovery Team
Russ of Russ Automotive

Russ officially opened the doors of Russ Automotive in 1989, but he is proud to have served Callaway County his whole life. Growing up on the farm, Russ watched his dad fix everything. Today they call it recycling, but for Russ it was simply a way of life. You didn’t throw nothin’ away; you fixed it.

Growing up in a home where his mother raised her children based on Callaway County integrity and Christian values, Russ uses this same foundation for his business. Through talent and hard work, Russ has built a business and put together a team of professionals that are second-to-none.

Mark of Russ Automotive Mark , Manager, is Russ’ righthand man. From the shop to the parts store and into any of the wreckers, Mark is an original multi-tasker. Always a smile on his face, Mark’s easy-going demeanor is welcoming and sincere. Trained, certified, and experienced, Mark stands ready to assist with all your automotive needs.
Sterling of Russ Automotive Sterling is one of Callaway County’s finest. A long-term first responder for the North Callaway Fire Protection District, Sterling’s mission in life is to help others. Russ’ Medium Duty driver, Sterling is not afraid to put the miles on his truck. He’s happy to take you wherever you need to go, and he’ll chat your ear off along the way.
Rusty is the newest member of the Russ Automotive Team, and he comes with an impressive professional history including incredible construction and fabrication skills. WreckMaster, MatJack, and Hazwoper trained and certified, there’s just not a whole lot he can’t do.

The list of talented team members could go on and on. Russ’ specialty recovery teams include skilled tradesmen, seasoned truckers, farmers, public safety officials, engineers…and each is a hard-working, well-trained, and integral part of the team.

Together, this is Team Russ Automotive. Give them a call; you’ll be glad you found them!

Talent, Hard Work, Training, Dependability, and all the right Equipment …