Advanced Warning Systems

Advanced Warning Systems, LLC by Russ Automotive, is pleased to introduce HighLites Advanced Warning System (AWS) (patent pending), the company’s first product built to protect both responders and ongoing traffic.

AWS merges two technologies to ensure that roadside emergencies and responders are easily detected by ongoing traffic. A hydraulic platform system allows for a specially engineered LED lightbar to be lifted above casualties which block traditionally mounted lights. The combination of these technologies ensures that roadside responders cannot be missed.

With 2012 already being one of the most deadly years for emergency responders, Highlites AWS is a timely and much needed product. Created by a towing and recovery operator with more than 25 years of experience, Highlites AWS is tailored to serve every type of emergency roadside situation. By effectively alerting on-coming traffic to roadside emergencies, everyone involved receives more protection. Because the towing and recovery industry is such a high risk industry, we spent years developing Highlites AWS including countless hours of roadside testing to bring you the latest advancement in roadside safety.

they can’t SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER if they don’t know you’re there

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