Advanced Warning Systems

Advanced Warning Systems, LLC by Russ Automotive, is pleased to introduce HighLites Advanced Warning System (AWS) (patent pending), the company’s first product built to protect both responders and ongoing traffic.

AWS merges two technologies to ensure that roadside emergencies and responders are easily detected by ongoing traffic. A hydraulic platform system allows for a specially engineered LED lightbar to be lifted above casualties which block traditionally mounted lights. The combination of these technologies ensures that roadside responders cannot be missed.

With 2012 already being one of the most deadly years for emergency responders, Highlites AWS is a timely and much needed product. Created by a towing and recovery operator with more than 25 years of experience, Highlites AWS is tailored to serve every type of emergency roadside situation. By effectively alerting on-coming traffic to roadside emergencies, everyone involved receives more protection. Because the towing and recovery industry is such a high risk industry, we spent years developing Highlites AWS including countless hours of roadside testing to bring you the latest advancement in roadside safety.

they can’t SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER if they don’t know you’re there

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Slow Down and Move Over Law

This past January was a painful month for the towing industry. In fact, it was possibly one of the most dangerous and deadly months for emergency responders ever recorded. With nearly 10 emergency responders being struck in one month by moving vehicles, it is time to educate America and protect our hard-working men and women. (Information Provided by TR Footnotes)

Missouri Move Over Law

It may come as a surprise, but a law called the “Move Over Law” is in effect in Missouri and 47 other states in order to protect emergency responders and law enforcement officers from being struck and killed while working alongside traffic. This law requires drivers to change lanes, move over, and slow down to at least 20 miles under the speed limit when approaching emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

Sadly, more than 1000 emergency responders and law enforcements officers have been injured and nearly 200 have been killed since 1997. All of these deaths are easily preventable if drivers would simply slow down and move over. While the Missouri Move Over Law was implemented in 2006, a poll shows that only 29 percent of drivers are even aware of the law.
Fines for violators of the Mover Over Law can run from $50 to upwards of $500 with some states requiring jail time and additional court costs. These penalties and others are in place to protect the lives of emergency responders and law enforcement officers who save lives every day.

So, if you see Russ and his team, other emergency responders, or law enforcement officers, please remember to “Slow Down and Move Over.” Make a common sense choice that can mean the difference between life and death.

“My drivers are all fathers, and many of them are grandfathers. Their families and I thank you for slowing down and moving over whenever you see them working,” says Russ Jones of Russ Automotive (Missouri Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Specialist).

The purpose of this post is to educate citizens of Missouri and the other 47 states of this life protecting law. Please share this post with as many people as possible. Spread the word: “Mover Over and Slow Down, America!”

Russ Automotive’s Tractor-Trailer Recovery

After a second tractor-trailer was flipped on its side in one month at the intersection of Highway BB and Audrain County Road 649, MoDOT responded to concerns by dropping the culverts.
On February 16, Russ Automotive, of Kingdom City, Mo. was dispatched to the intersection to tow the tractor-trailer full of hog feed that was completely blocking the county road.
Utilizing their heavy wreckers, including one with a rotating boom, and their specialized air cushion recovery system, Russ Jones and his crew were able to upright the unit fully loaded, without additional damage to the trailer and without spilling grain from the overturned trailer.
On January 20, Russ Automotive was dispatched to the same corner after an identical incident and successfully lifted upright a loaded unit full of hog feed without damage or grain spillage.
MoDOT did replace the culvert after the second accident but there are no plans to widen the road in the near future.

Story supplied by The Vandalia Leader