Fuel Injector Testing & Cleaning

ASNU Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner and Flow Bench

Don’t Replace Expensive Fuel Injectors… Have Them Cleaned and Flow Tested to Perform as New!

This remarkable technology will:

  • Save hundreds of dollars
  • Correct drivability problems
  • Restore power and performance
  • Increase fuel mileage
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Increase engine life

Dirty Injectors: the true story

The precision electronic fuel injectors in your car are very durable, but they are susceptible to hardened build-ups of varnish, lacquers, debris, and other residue that block the tiny discharge passage at the injector tip.

Blocked injectors cause bad spray patterns and uneven fuel flow between cylinders. This creates an engine with starting problems, rough idle, flat spots, poor fuel economy, excessive pollution, high combustion temperatures, and low power.

Poor performance caused by these hardened deposits cannot be corrected by using pressure or harsh chemical on-car cleaning systems. Until now, your injectors would have needed to be replaced.

Only the ASNU™ machine can ultrasonically remove these deposits and clean your injectors to flow to 100% of their original capacity. This will eliminate the need to buy new injectors that cost $75 to $125 a piece!

Before Cleaning with ASNU

Injector spray patterns are poor and the delivered fuel quantities are unbalanced . . . little wonder your car has problems starting, driving smoothly, and won’t develop full power.

After Cleaning with ASNU

Look at the improved spray pattern and the dramatic improvement in the delivered fuel quantity. This is what your injectors should be doing.
Our Seven Step Service Will Assure As-New Performance and Save You Money.

Fuel Injector Service Includes:

  • Leak Testing
  • Spray Patterns Examined
  • Flow Volume Measured
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • New Filter Baskets Installed
  • Pintle Caps Replaced
  • All New Seals & O-Rings

The Best Can Cost Less