Towing and Recovery

Russ Automotive is Mid-Missouri’s Medium and Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Specialist.

Our professionally trained and certified recovery teams stand ready to assist you in any medium or heavy duty situation.

Trailer Lifts

Stuck in the Mud

Water Recovery

Load Shifts

Load Transfers

Trailer Decking



Aircraft Recovery

Rollover Recovery

Ag & Equipment Towing

Loading & Unloading

Russ Automotive’s specialty Towing & Recovery fleet includes:
  • 2 Heavy Duty Rotators, one of which is a sliding rotator

    Heavy Duty Rotators are perfect in situations requiring a vertical lift to prevent additional damage, or when ensuring that Interstate and State Highways are not shut down unnecessarily.

  • 6×6 Heavy Duty Wrecker

    This is the beast to call when you need assistance off-road and in extra heavy duty situations.

  • Additional Heavy Duty Wreckers

    These workhorses are quick to the scene and ready to winch and/or tow to the location of your choice.

  • Medium Duty Wrecker

    The medium duty wrecker offers an economical option for box trucks, package cars, and tractor tows & swap-outs

  • Rollbacks and Light Duty Wreckers

    The light duty fleet is ready to assist. The extended cab on the rollback offers additional seating for your passengers.

  • Emergency Response Trailer

    The trailer is stocked with tools and additional equipment to help ensure that our team has what they need where they need it, so time is not wasted. Also on the trailer is Russ Automotive’s hydraulic and fuel spillage & containment equipment and supplies. The recovery teams are trained to quickly identify potentially hazardous situations. This training includes knowing how to minimize environmental and safety hazards.

  • Specialty Towing & Recovery Equipment

    Landoll Trailers, Dump Trailers, Road Tractors, Air Cushion Recovery System, MatJack Recovery System, Catch Bags & High Pressure Bags, Forklifts, Tractors, Backhoes, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Pallet Jacks (incl. barrell jacks), Tillage Equipment, Specialty Jaws for paper rolls, etc.

The list of Russ Automotive’s support equipment is almost endless.

Regardless of the situation, our recovery team is trained and equipped to handle it.